Podcast interviews and other relevant media mentions.


Measuring NLP Progress—Snorkel Science Talks
Podcast interview, March 2021


The Thesis Review Podcast
Podcast interview, June 2020

Underrated ML
Podcast interview, June 2020


Data Skeptic
Podcast interview, July 2019


Trends in Natural Language ProcessingThis Week in Machine Learning & AI (TWiML&AI)
Podcast interview, December 2018

Finally, a Machine That Can Finish Your Sentence—New York Times
Article mention, November 2018

Milestones in Neural Natural Language Processing—This Week in Machine Learning & AI (TWiML&AI)
Podcast interview, October 2018

Exploring the Nuts and Bolts of Natural Language Processing—DataHack Radio
Podcast interview, October 2018

AI Can Recognize Images. But Can It Understand This Headline?—Wired
Article mention, July 2018

A Survey Of Cross-lingual Word Embedding Models—NLP Highlights
Podcast interview, June 2018